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All our masks are developed by researchers and specialists in collaboration with medical services to measure and control all filtration parameters, thus reducing the impact of air quality to a minimum with high-performance filters. 
The design of our individual protection masks allows you to choose a mask adapted to your style: Urban, chic, dynamic, etc.

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Wair mask filters

The installation or changing the filter of a personal protective mask is done by opening the grey structure (the silicone structure does not come off during the filter change).

To make handling easier, we recommend pressing on the underside of the grey structure just below the valve: the lugs come off and it is possible to open the mask and take out the filter.

Once the new filter is installed, the bottom pins are first positioned on the bottom of the structure. The structure is then placed in its housing. The top pins are then positioned and "click" to lock the structure. These filters are compatible with a WAIR pollution mask or scarf.

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WAIR packs

Our packs allow you to acquire a more economical complete equipment adapted to your needs. Our pack solutions include a mask, an accessory and interchangeable filters. The all-in-one pack is the most appreciated product by our users, offering a complete equipment that can be used in all circumstances and adapted to all situations.

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