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WAIR designs and manufactures personal protective masks to protect against the aggressions of everyday air. Air quality in large cities is a criterion that has a significant impact on the health of populations. 

The protective mask is the first simple and practical barrier to limit the effects of pollution on health. Since the creation of WAIR, our aim has been to provide a sanitary solution for all users, both private individuals and professionals, in their day-to-day life.

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Because you can't joke about your health, WAIR has designed several ranges of masks and filters adapted to your environment. 

Our development teams work closely with healthcare professionals to establish accurate tests and analysis of filtration levels and user needs.

The development of cities and the overpopulation of certain urban areas are causing respiratory problems in more and more people. Wearing a mask to alleviate these health problems is a matter of course. 

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To ensure optimal filtrationWe have developed a technology capable of filtering the main air pollutants as well as fine particles. Our anti-pollution masks are designed with a tailor-made multi-layer filter.

This superimposition of layers helps to block allergens and bacteria. This level of filtration is approved This is the added value of our health masks, they are adapted for professional use as well as for classic urban travel.

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Analysis and research for anti-pollution masks that protect your health

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anti-pollution mask fine particles

Intensive use

Professional masks

The high quality of our products allows us to issue a certificate of conformity for daily professional use. This high quality is a guarantee for employers who wish to take care of the health of their employees by equipping them with protective masks. The filters must be replaced according to the frequency of use in order to optimize the impact of the mask on health.