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Who are we?

The WAIR project has been in existence for 5 years and has mobilized the energy of several dozen passionate actors.

We are We are committed to PROTECTING you and those around you from harmful particles in the environment. We care about your health every day. Our priority is to accompany you in your daily life and make you aware of the changing environment in which we live.

Anti-pollution wair motorcycle mask

This is why we offer you the best possible protection by combining breathing comfort and efficiency. We have chosen to surround ourselves with numerous technical partners who allow us, today, to offer you a local, top-of-the-range and aesthetic product: the WAIR anti-pollution mask.


anti pollution mask wair


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Durability of the Wair anti-pollution mask

A French mask and

Our masks and fabrics are produced, worked and assembled in the departments located in Auvergne Rhône Alpes; Ain, Isère, Drôme, Loire and Rhône.

We address craftsmen as well as companies or workshops. The structure part is the only component that comes from China from a partner that does an exemplary job.

In addition, the choice of short tours meets a requirement of eco-responsibility. The quality of the products and their recyclable properties are part of our constant effort to improve and respect the environment. WAIR is socially committed to all those involved in urban mobility.


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Your Wair anti-pollution mask

WAIR anti-pollution masks are characterized by a unique know-how and an unfailing dedication to bring a reliable operational solution to all users. You can order your WAIR anti-pollution mask online or discover it in our network of partner distributors. Colours, syles, scarves, accessories, etc., find all our ranges in a few clicks to equip yourself with a quality WAIR anti-pollution mask.

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