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People demonstrate against pollution

Air pollution alert in schools, associations are mobilizing

Children with growing lungs are particularly sensitive to fine particles and are therefore strongly affected when their schools are located in ...

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Green tubes

Algae to depollute our cities? it's possible with urban ALGAE!

Even more than trees, it is microalgae or phytoplankton that decontaminate our atmosphere. They are at the base of the food chain ...

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Firefighter with a d&#039 lance;fire propelling d'water

Toxic fumes in Australia

But what exactly is in the smoke? Which mask to choose? A look back at the critical air pollution in Sydney and New Wales from ...

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Test our anti-pollution masks

Want to test our anti-pollution masks?

Find our anti-pollution masks near you! You want to test our anti-pollution masks? Go to the closest location near you...

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A man wearing a mask on a bicycle

We protect ourselves from pollution during the strike!

On this day of strike, we know that many people use bicycles. WAIR PROTECTS YOU On this day of strike, we know that many people use bicycles...

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WAIR more economical, ecological and efficient

Why is WAIR more economical, more ecological, more effective than disposable masks?

There are many single-use masks available in DIY stores and online, with costs of just a few euros.

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