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Air pollution alert in schools, associations are mobilizing

People demonstrate against pollution

Children whose lungs are growing are particularly sensitive to fine particles and therefore strongly affected when their schools are located in polluted urban environments! GREENPEACE and several associations are mobilizing to alert parents. WAIR is obviously associated with this initiative.

The local Lyon group of GREENPEACE FRANCE is mobilising with several other associations including ALTERNATIBA, the RESEAU ACTION CLIMAT, etc. to raise awareness among parents about the threat to their children of breathing polluted air when they are at school. A punch action was carried out this morning around the Michel Servet school. A human chain was formed and anti-pollution masks were distributed to the children.

Note from WAIR : These masks called "surgeon's" or "anti-bacterial" masks are unfortunately absolutely ineffective against urban pollution but useful for symbolic purposes. They are intended to protect patients from their practitioners' sputum, not to filter fine particles, pollens or odors! See our article on the difference between anti-pollution masks and anti-bacterial masks here

Located at the entrance to the Red Cross tunnel, this school is particularly in the red when it comes to air quality! Levels of fine particles and NOx are reaching record levels, putting the health of children and staff at risk.

France is a bad pupil in terms of compliance with the standards imposed by the European Union concerning pollutants. Lyon is one of the worst pupils in its class, as ALTERNATIBA rightly reminds us:

"Air pollution is responsible for 48,000 deaths premature babies per year in FranceThe human and financial cost for the Lyon metropolitan area amounts to 536 deaths per year and 1,200 euros per inhabitant. 93% of the Metropolis is exposed to annual concentrations that exceed World Health Organization standards for fine particles. The thresholds for other pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone are also not respected. This situation is illegal, as the European Court of Justice recalled on 24 October 2019 by condemning France for not respecting European air quality standards, and this since 2010 in a systematic and repeated manner in several targeted cities, including Lyon".

To visualize the extent of the problem GREENPEACE has even drawn up a map of the exhibition of all the schools in the Lyon metropolis available here.


pollution map lyon pollution mask


You feel concerned?

You want to know more? Take action?

See you this Tuesday, January 21 at the GREENPEACE - PARENTS ACT AGAINST AIR POLLUTION conference: https://www.facebook.com/events/605289286971369/611517466348551/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity¬if_id=1579617782949712

More information on air pollution in schools - Sources :


Air Pollution Alert: Sanitary cordon around Michel Servet School


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