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Why is WAIR more economical, more ecological, more effective than disposable masks?

WAIR more economical, ecological and efficient

There are many single-use masks available in DIY stores or online, and with costs of just a few cents, it may seem tempting to make do with this type of protection to protect yourself from air pollution (if aesthetics is not a topic for you 😉).

But beware, their efficiency and cost are not equivalent!

More expensive on the long term VS a WAIR from 159€ for a full year!

An anti-pollution mask, to be effective, must be worn daily and therefore its use must be considered over the long term. A mask at a few euros but to be changed every day will cost you much more over a year than a WAIR!

an example over 1 year with a mask at 1€ and an average of 4 days/week wearing time
Disposable mask = 192€ or 16€ per month
WAIR = 159€ or 13,25€ per month

Made in China and fully disposable VS a WAIR designed and manufactured in Rhône-Alpes with recycled textiles!

These disposable masks are manufactured in very large quantities, often far from home, to guarantee very attractive prices. They are completely disposable, including the valves and elastics, which could be reused!

Not waterproof VS a WAIR with a patented contour for its waterproofness, guaranteeing the best efficiency!

The fine particles you need to protect yourself from are only a few micrometers in size, so the slightest day between the mask and your skin is a particle boulevard! That's why WAIR took 2 years to develop a hypoallergenic silicone morphological mask inspired by medical science to ensure a perfect seal on all faces!
The nose clips on almost all disposable masks allow a lot of air to pass around the rest of the mask and therefore this air is not filtered as it does not pass through the thread.tre.

FFP vs. FMP?

As a reminder, these classifications measure the rate of leakage to the face for a respiratory protection device. The FFPs (1, 2 or 3) correspond to disposable masks, the FMPs (1, 2 or 3) correspond to masks of which a part is reusable! WAIR has voluntarily classified its anti-pollution masks as FMP1 to guarantee optimal breathing comfort for sportsmen and active urban people that FFP3 do not allow.

A quick reminder:

FFP1 or FMP1 = Filtration: 80 % minimum Leakage rate to inside: 22 % maximum
FFP2 or FMP2 = Filtration: 94 % minimum Leakage rate to inside: 8 % maximum
FFP3 or FMP3 = Filtration: 98 % minimum Leakage rate to inside: 2 % maximum

The WAIR anti-pollution masks have been voluntarily calibrated to reach an FMP1 classification, much more breathable and already very acceptable as a level of protection, this by accentuating the permeability of the filter. The WAIR anti-pollution masks reach a filtration of 92.8%.



So how is WAIR better?

WAIR costs €59 for 1 month and €13.25 per month for 1 year!
WAIR is guaranteed for 2 years and can be returned within 15 days if it does not suit you.
WAIR uses multi-layer filters that stop fine particles up to PM0.1, pollen, bacteria and odours.
WAIR meets the efficiency of the European standard EN1827 and reaches an FMP1 classification, i.e. 99% of the pollutants filtered out of 92.8% of the air.
WAIR is mainly manufactured, assembled and stored within a 2-hour perimeter around Lyon.
Still in doubt?

Write to us at contact@wair.fr and we will be happy to answer you!

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